Soccer and Wrestling

The Lake County Junior High League is offering co-ed Soccer and Wrestling this spring.  We are coordinating with Upper Lake Middle School to field teams for these sports. Interested middle school students will need to travel to and from Upper Lake to participate.  

If you would like your student to participate you will need to complete U.L.M.S Student Athlete registration form (Here)

 When registering make sure that when you list your physical address to put (Lucerne Elementary School) behind the address to alert the coach that the player is coming from our school.  Upper Lake does require sports physicals for their players. You can register your student to play without having the physical complete but you will need to have the physical completed before the start of matches/games. 

Wrestling season starts February 14th and goes until March 30th.  There will be 4 meets with a championship tournament at the end of the season. All of the meets and the tournament are held on Thursdays. 

Soccer season starts February 21st and goes until May 7th.  There will be 9 games with an end-of-the-season tournament.   

Students participating in these teams will still be held to Lucerne’s code of conduct as well as player eligibility. For player eligibility, student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 g.p.a over the course of the season.  If a student drops below a 2.0 they will be given two weeks to improve their grades and instead of attending practice, they will be required to attend the homework room. Players will also have to maintain Satisfactory citizenship.